“Using the Zyto scan on my children was so easy and extremely helpful. I was looking for answers to specific concerns and was amazed at how spot on the scan was. In the scan report, several of the treatments that were suggested were things like vitamins and homeopathic remedies as well as some ideas for simple lifestyle changes. Amanda was fantastic at explaining what the scan showed, what was “off” with the different systems within their bodies (ie. Endocrine system) and how to use the treatments that were recommended. It’s been a few weeks since the scans and I can totally see the positive effect that has come from the treatments. I highly suggest Jackie Boyd and her wonderful team of ladies. Thanks for making my children healthy and happy!”

-Trish M.


I was caught in rigid thinking but then life circumstances presented me with the opportunity to choose a different way of approaching my physical, emotional & mental health.  In today’s world, we have so many avenues to explore & we need to be our own advocates in searching out these incredible resources that can be life-changing.  Jackie at Boyd’s Alternative Health, along with her staff, Tara & Amanda have blessed me in countless ways with their knowledge, compassion & empathy on this journey which I have undertaken these past 5 years in preventative health management.

Mary Marshman


“In late 2014 I was diagnosed with a large kidney stone. After months of excruciating pain, pain killers, X-rays, ultrasounds, antibiotics, surgeries and too many doctors’ appointments to count, I made an appointment at Boyd’s Alternative Health. I was hoping to function properly again without painkillers, it would be a bonus to get rid of the stone in the process. Jackie recommended I start taking Magnesium Complex and R27 to help my kidneys to function properly and possibly break up the stone so it could pass. Two months later I went for my scheduled follow-up procedure to have the stone blasted a 2nd time. They have to do an x-ray to determine the placement of the stone which requires a sedative. Half an hour later, the results indicated that the stone was gone! I wish I would have seen Jackie sooner and not have suffered as I did. I am susceptible to more kidney stones for the rest of my life but if that happens I will definitely be making an appointment to see Jackie. ”

-Amanda MacMillan


“I have been using Boyd’s Alternative Health’s products and services for years with great success on a variety of ailments, from teething babies to insomnia. Recently I decided to turn to them for relief of allergy symptoms. After a decade of seeking help through Alberta Health Care, I finally found some products and treatments that yielded actual results. Western medicine kept sending me to specialists, who always came to the same conclusion and wrote me a prescription for a nasal steroid. Jackie and her team took a different approach. Between liver cleansing, ion cleansing and the addition of natural products as needed, I am finally seeing some improvement. ”

– Amy Perzan Merrill


“Over the last 2 1/2 years, I have been receiving cranial sacral treatments at Boyd’s from Jackie. The transformation in my emotional stability over this period has been amazing. I am now balanced mentally and my physical strength is improving every day. The real me is emerging. It’s wonderful!! At Boyd’s there is respect and compassion. I always look forward to the experience.”

– Valerie Hawkins

Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed. 

Chinese Proverb