Gemmotherapy derives from the Latin “gemmae” meaning both bud of a plant and a precious stone.

Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy which uses embryonic (stem cell) vegetable tissue (buds and emerging shoots), of various trees and shrubs; also from the reproductive parts (seeds and catkins); also from newly-grown tissue (rootlets and the cortex of rootlets); and in some cases, from sap. These are gathered in the spring at a key stage in their natural growth cycle and then macerated in a water-alcohol-glycerin solution to create highly concentrated extracts.

Buds and young shoots consist principally of embryonic tissue and, thus, enclose all the genetic information required for the development of the adult plant. In addition to containing vitamins, oligo elements and minerals, buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other plant tissues. They also contain other active substances, such as auxins (hormones or similar substances that promote and regulate the growth and development of plants) and gibberellins (growth hormones and have a role in germination, flowering and fruit ripening.), which will disappear once a plant reaches a certain stage in its growth which explains the many more active properties of buds versus their mature plants.

Given that they are extracts of embryonic tissue, gemmotherapy remedies are found to possess all the properties of the various parts of the whole plant. When consumed by humans, they act on organs and organ systems to gently stimulate and promote elimination, protein synthesis, detoxification, nourishment, RNA repair and select tissue regeneration. They are particularly effective for cellular-level drainage and detoxifying.

Gemmotherapy remedies come in two principal forms:

  • Extracts of the individual buds or individual mother macerates: each extract contains all the properties of one plant.
  • Complexes: combinations of individual bud extracts, designed to target specific problems.

HerbalGem’s range of gemmotherapy products will greatly contribute to your well-being and are all in concentrated form, so only small daily dose is required. The main buds used in gemmotherapy are Birch tree, Hawthorn, Fig, Juniper, Black Currant, Rosemary, Linden-tree and Cowberry.

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Many people died while the herbs that could have saved them grow on their graves.

Father Sebastian Kneipp