Photo: © Ridiculousbroomstick | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Photo: © Ridiculousbroomstick | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

My goal when working with clients is to eventually have Food become their Medicine, especially with regard to vitamins and minerals.

There are exceptions according to your diet and lifestyle that require extra supplementation and this is all considered when we format your immediate and long-term health goals. There are also specific reasons why you would take extra minerals or higher doses of specific vitamins/minerals during different stages of life, or even different times of the year.

It is imperative that we learn to include the foods that we require for total health over another bottle of pills! And if you do reach for a supplement, be sure to do your homework as not all products are created equal. Click here to contact us and find out about our range of quality Vitamins and Minerals.

Many people died while the herbs that could have saved them grow on their graves.

Father Sebastian Kneipp