Our Clients

At Boyd’s Alternative Health we work with a full age range from birth to grandparents. Our client base is generally within a 100 km radius however we have clients from across Canada that we continue to see personally or using our Zyto Elite scan! We are pleased to work with a lot of Hutterite colonies as well.

There are numerous reasons why our clients arrive at our office. Some have been raised themselves in this type of personal health care. We always welcome people that are new to this “alternative health care” and are happy to work along side them to discover and maintain good health and lifestyles. Clients often started out here because they were seeking to find an answer outside of prescription drugs an/or surgeries. Over the years Boyd’s Alternative Health Inc has evolved into being able to offer our clients a variety of services to enhance their life and their family’s life.

For many people, this organic approach to a healthier lifestyle is a lifetime strategy opposed to looking for a quick fix. Our goal is to help you build your best life, physically and emotionally, through using a Holistic approach.