The Team at Boyd’s Alternative Health

Jackie Boyd – Owner Practitioner

I am so happy to share this life with all of you! My story began in 1966 when I entered into this world. Our family made a lot moves over the years and now, as an adult, I can see what an advantage I had in all of the adventures our family created and how fortunate I was to be able to meet so many wonderful people along the way. I believe all of my new beginnings instilled a desire and ability to be comfortable meeting new people, making new friends and to this day I love and live to “hear your story”.

I have been the owner of Boyd’s Alternative Health Inc. since 1999. Together with my Husband we have raised 4 boys that have grown into some pretty incredible human beings. We have had the pleasure of welcoming some wonderful females into our family as well. Now we are onto the next stage of our lives and have been blessed with the joy of grandchildren! Our hearts are filled with each new addition and in awe of their incredible gift of innocence, humor, intelligence and love that we seem to forget about or didn’t have the time to appreciate when we were so busy raising our own.

This business of Alternative health turned into so much more than a business, it’s a life. A life that can only be understood if you too begin the journey down a different path than you lived before. I have learned over the many years that this belief is not for everyone. Years ago, I felt the need to explain or try to convince people of its worthiness. At my age now I have realized it’s just not my job to convince anyone. I live my life the way I choose and if you want to know more, you’ll ask. Its all okay either way. We can all still be friends.

My business started small as everyone’s does. At one time I travelled western Canada working out of many communities. Today however we have evolved into so much more than I had believed possible. It wasn’t until I signed up for a 2-year life and business coaching program did I understand the possibilities that were right in front of me. I am so proud of our office family. I have young colleagues that I consider friends. Its my honor to pass along my experiences and knowledge so they too can further help you as our clients and friends. We now offer many services but mostly we offer hope, care and concern. You matter and we really do care. Click here to contact us.

Jackie Boyd
Jackie BoydOwner Practitioner

Amanda Rempfer – Zyto Elite Practitioner and Laser Technician

My Husband, myself and our 2 kids live on his family farm outside of Carbon. Our kids keep us pretty busy with sports and school but in our spare time I enjoy camping with friends, hunting with my family, attending NHL games, the Oilers are a family favorite!  In the winter we have a dugout we clean off and we have toboggan and skating parties complete with a bonfire with our friends and their kids, if we aren’t at our son’s hockey game or our daughters cheer competitions. I love to watch my husband curl and play broomball, and, in the summer, we can usually be found at a ball tournament somewhere. My happy place is wherever I can be surrounded by family and friends, my motto is always the more the merrier!  I like to think I enjoy gardening, but I am not a fan of weeding and I don’t understand how people think it is relaxing. I definitely enjoy curling up on the couch with a blanket and a good book and reading for hours on rainy or snowy days.
I joined the Boyd’s Alternative Health family in 2016, when Tara went on her first maternity leave, as the receptionist. I have always had an interest in alternative medicine and was so excited when Jackie and I started our training on the Bioflex laser. Over the last almost 5 years since receiving my BioFlex Certification, I have been to Calgary and Vancouver to further my training with it as well as monthly online webinars I attend. We were supposed to go to Toronto in the spring of 2020 but COVID put a halt to that, so I am hoping one day to make it there to see the birthplace of our laser that has helped so many people worldwide, I myself have helped over 250 clients get back to a pain free life.
Not too long after getting the hang of the BioFlex Laser, Jackie brought in the Zyto Elite scan. I always tell people it is very similar to what Jackie does with her testing, but it is all through a computer program and the palm of their hand. It continues to fascinate me daily even though I know the potential it has in helping people. As well as the certification course, I attend webinars and monthly virtual training sessions with the Zyto trainers in Utah to provide my clients with the best and most up to date information possible.
I suffer from anxiety and I am ok with sharing that aspect of my life with clients, I have found a few products in our office that work famously for me and I love being able to help people deal with the stress and anxiety life can bring them. I also am prone to kidney stones which is the reason I started off as a client of Jackie’s in the first place, she helped me through the most painful time of my life, and I have not had to look back since! I love helping people every day whether they are trying to cope with pain or health issues and I always love hearing from clients who I have helped in one way or another.

Amanda Rempfer
Amanda RempferZyto Elite Practitioner and Laser Technician

Zoe Clein – Zyto Elite Practitioner and Laser Technician

G’day, I am Zoe, the resident Australian here at Boyd’s Alternative Health. Currently I am a Certified BioFlex Laser Technician as well as a Certified Zyto Practitioner.

After moving to Canada on a temporary basis, I met my boyfriend and eventually applied for permanent residency! We now live on his family farm and along with his brother and sister-in-law, we run our third-generation farming operation together. From Australian Cattle farm to Canadian Grain farming, farming is in my blood and I couldn’t imagine life any other way! We have a rambunctious German Shepherd called Bundy who loves to come on hikes with us and chase the mower around all summer. In my spare time you will find me snuggled up on the couch reading a good book, renovating and re-decorating each room of my house, travelling near and far or just doing something outside. I love to stay active, so I have learnt to play some crazy Canadian sports like curling (try to explain that to your Australian relatives!).

What many of you don’t know is, I have spent years struggling with becoming healthy, and I am still working it out. This struggle included, at one point or another; extremely restrictive dieting and excessive hours at a gym daily. Then on the other end of the spectrum, I started eating and drinking whatever I wanted, not moving my body, and consequently, had weight gain, imbalanced hormones, inflammation and not to mention terrible self image and confidence. This has led me to something exciting that I am currently working on. After being a part of the Boyd’s Alternative Health team since February of 2019, my passion for health and wellness has been reignited. Because of this, I have started taking my Nutritional Consulting diploma! I am looking forward to seeing where this new skill will take me and the possibilities I will have to both, help myself find this illusive “freedom” from food and to also help anyone who wants to work with me to find their version of optimal wellness.

As I wrap up this course and establish my unique approach to health and wellbeing through nutrition, alternative medicine, and movement, I am excited to share with you what I learn along the way. I am forever thankful for Jackie Boyd and Boyd’s Alternative Health for helping me find my passion again. I just cannot wait to see where this thing goes!

Zoe Clein
Zoe CleinZyto Elite Practitioner and Laser Technician

Tara Reed – Administration

My journey at Boyd’s Alternative Health began in 2013 when I desperately needed some direction with my health. Almost to the day, a year later, I got a phone call. Jackie was looking for someone to take over her front desk. There was no question in my mind that I wanted to join Jackie here in the office and begin my journey into natural health.
Since then my life has grown in so many ways, including getting married and having 2 beautiful babies, Mason 4 and Adelynn 2. My husband was born and raised in the Carbon Valley, I joined him here 10 years ago and we thoroughly enjoy small town rural Alberta living and feel It is the ideal place to be raising a family. I have been in Alberta for many, many years now but am originally from Vancouver Island and try to get back there at least once a year to recharge with my extended family and the ocean. I hope to always be able to travel back and experience my old home with my children as I still have a very deep connection to my home where my extended family all still reside.
My dream is to go on a camping trip from one coast to the other. I would love to be able to experience all the fabulous things our country has to offer while watching my children grow their wealth of knowledge of life as they experience these things as well. So far our children have absolutely loved the camping trips we have been on, whether with 30 of our friends or just us 4 and I hope we can always get out and experience new things this way. It is so important to me to get away from home and find an outdoor space to explore and recharge our bodies.
I have always loved customer service, meeting new people and hearing their stories. I am incredibly grateful that where I am at in life combines that love with my passion for natural health. I hope to always continue expanding my knowledge and be able to help others on their journey to optimal health.

Tara Reed
Tara Reed Administration