Zyto Emotional Scan

Throughout our lives we have certain events, emotions and/or traumas that can stick with us for years. We may think that because we can now function without thinking about these traumas every day, that we have worked through it and put it behind us. Sometimes these are things that we don’t even remember happening! What you may not know is that these different life events (some small and some major) stick with us and can influence how we respond to various circumstances in our current lives. As well as affecting our Physical health.

The Zyto has an incredible Quick Scan option called the Emotional Scan. A few of our clients have had an emotional scan to help them work through different emotional issues that some have held onto for years. When you get an Emotional Scan it will scan for;

  • an emotion that the body is stuck on
  • the age of the person from birth to right now
  • the person that has affected the emotion
  • the place the emotion happened

At the end of the scan we find a balancer from our wide range of Bach Flowers. This product is a Floral Elixir that will help guide the body to an emotional balance. The Bach Flower is similar to an essential oil in many ways but is taken from the plant differently. The plant essence is preserved in Cognac to help keep it charged, which means it won’t lose its effectiveness.

A report for an emotion scan will look much like this:

When reading this scan we can see that;

  • The emotion the client experienced was; Embarrassed
  • The person who affected that emotion was; a Stranger
  • The age when this emotion impacted the client is; between 6-10
  • The place it happened was; at their home or their place that feels like home

The Bach flower, Beech, will help them deal with that emotion and to help release it. You can see a short description of the Bach Flower in the scan report above. I always tell people to read the description to see if they feel like it sounds like them and 9 times out of 10 it does.

Sometimes the emotional scan doesn’t make sense right away, but I have had numerous clients call me back hours or even days later and say it finally clicked and they know exactly the incident it is talking about! Sometimes it even takes talking to a family member or parent (especially if the emotion is coming through from your childhood) to realize where it may be coming from. It can be a pretty wild concept at first, but once you are able to isolate this event, that is when the body can start working through that emotion and healing. Health and wellbeing largely encompasses emotional health, when our emotions are out of range we tend to have unexplained health issues. It is very important to deal with the emotion to really live a healthy and joyous life.

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