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We have created a new scan, with help from our wonderful mentor at Zyto! This one is perfect for this time of year; we are calling it The Shape Up Scan!

January 1st signifies a new year and most people choose it as a time to revamp their eating and exercise routines. This scan will show you what way of eating is the best specifically for you; I don’t like calling it a diet because diets are temporary and to start 2020 off we want the mindset that this will be a new way of eating, a new lifestyle.

A 2007 University of Bristol study of 3,000 people found that 88% of those who set New Year’s resolutions fail.

Why is this the case?

The problem with most resolutions and goals is that they are uninspiring, overambitious, and lack a sense of vision. We are too eager to look at the things we are NOT versus the things that we ARE, and so we pick ourselves apart. We say, “I have to do this better,” and “I’m going to do that better,” and it becomes a negative practice that doesn’t feel inspiring and exciting. This would be where affirmation statements come into play (and we can scan for those as well), we need to start being more POSITIVE with ourselves and cut out the NEGATIVITY! (Check out Zoe’s blog post for more information regarding making your New Year’s promises STICK!)

If you are feeling scattered and confused at where to start, this is the perfect “Quick Help” Scan to get you started in the right direction.

The scan will show you, SPECIFIC to your body, which:

  • Exercises you will benefit the most from
  • Healthy Eating Lifestyles that work best for you
  • Foods that are good for you and foods you should stay away from
  • Products for weight loss, recovery after workouts, blood sugar stabilizers, products for digestion etc. that test well for YOU specifically

There are 21 different Exercises, 39 healthy eating lifestyles, 67 products and 369 foods this Scan can choose from.

What better way to start this year off?!

For January 2020, we are running a promo so the scan will be $15! The regular price for this is $20, so why not come in and snag it at this great discount!

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