Why Hydrogen Peroxide Belongs in Every Home

Advantages of using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning

First off, it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold and anti-mildew.

Secondly it is non-toxic for people, plants, household animals, and the earth. Don’t forget that whatever household cleaners you use do end up going back to the earth, rivers and oceans eventually. In most cases, cleaning products will go through the sewage system first, but it all goes back to the environment eventually.

Third, since hydrogen peroxide can be used for cleaning so many different things, it can simplify the number of different cleaning products you need to keep around.

Fourth, bought in concentrated form and in bulk, using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning is very inexpensive.

And, finally, using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning tends to keep your sponges, mops, and scrubby pads a whole lot cleaner. (They’ll all get a bit of disinfecting every time you use them.)

Topical grade 3% peroxide can by sprayed directly onto many surfaces but be cautious using food grade 29% peroxide as it needs to be diluted down to around 3% for most things. For a ‘cleaning’ simply spray on and wipe/ scrub off as you would with any other cleaner. To disinfect, the peroxide needs a little time to work so spray on and leave for a few minutes or until the bubbling ‘killing’ action subsides. Use it everywhere!

  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Inside and outsides of appliances
  • All over bathroom (use 1 cup of 29% for a soak in the toilet bowl to remove tough stains)
  • Windows

A couple uses you may not have thought about:

  • Whiten Grout

Mix 3% or diluted 29% hydrogen peroxide with white flour to create a thick paste. Apply to grout and cover with plastic wrap overnight. The next day, simply rinse with water for whiter grout.

  • Wash Fruits & Vegetables

Spray fruits and veggies with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let soak for a minute or two before rinsing or pour a couple tablespoons of 29% into a ¾ full sink of water to soak the fruits and veggies in, then rinse with clean water to remove dirt, wax, and other contaminants.

We carry 4L jugs of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in store.

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