Where Do You Store Your Cellphone!?

Every time I’m out and about I see men and women tucking their cellphones into the most toxic place on our body! 

Men… stop sliding it into your front shirt or pant pocket!!  Ladies… your cellphone DOES NOT belong in your bra!!! 

Why you ask? Cellphones put out something called Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s).  There has been a lot of chatter whether or not this is actually a real problem, let me just leave this here… You are creating a HUGE problem for yourself!  We can’t see EMF’s, we can’t smell or taste them but they are real and they are causing health issues. 

Think about tucking your phone in your bra or your bathing suit, it’s now emitting EMF’s right around your breast and/or your heart. Early studies in 1993 proved that cellphone use changed DNA structures in our bodies. There have been many experiments done since the early days of cellphone use, proving both sides of the science story.  You can look these up for a more in-depth read. 

One of the early books written on the matter is by Dr. George Carlo called Cell Phones, Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age. Personally, I enjoy early reads of papers written with warnings for our health. Yes, there will always be improvements to procedures or products from the original information but the early data is often used by marketing departments to find ways to convince you of what they want you to believe opposed to what you should know. 

Science and sales don’t often have the same intention. We simply need to look to our Pharmaceutical Giants to see the amount of advertising money spent to convince you to “ask your doctor” if said product is right for you.Take a moment to think about the number of cellphones used today around the world… it’s a staggering number, one I cannot wrap my head around. Do you really believe we have all the true information on the safety of cellphones EMF’s?

If you don’t believe in EMF transmission, you won’t care about your using it daily and it’s negative health ramifications.  If you want to look at more relevant and damaging brain impacts on cellphones you really need to read the book called Stollen Focus by Johann Hari, also available to listen to on audible.  It’s chilling to think of where our society will be in 10 years if we don’t stop and realize the addiction to screens and the health demise that follows!

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