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voxxlife super patchesWow is it really winter again? I thought we just got rid of the snow! While I can’t control the weather or the bad drivers that play bumper car seemingly every time it snows, I can at least control how I react to it. While I’m usually a pretty calm guy, driving has always been a trigger for me and it only compounds when it gets icy out. With the Peace Super Patch, I can personally attest to my stress and anxiety being almost non-existent now and I can honestly say it is such a welcome change. I didn’t realize how bad my anxiety could get on any given day until I had been relieved of it and now, I still get the same triggers but without any of the negative feelings that usually follow. It was always the same; shock to the system, shortness of breath, tingly fingers, it felt like my heart jumped into my throat and my whole day was downhill from there. Truth be told I didn’t even realize that was anxiety attacking me, I always called it my nerves. It wasn’t until someone close to me had opened up about their struggle with anxiety and the side effects they go through on a weekly basis that I realized what I was going through wasn’t unique to me but truly has a grasp on so many people from all walks of life. Trying not to sound too much like a late-night commercial, I truly notice the difference it has made in my life and if you ever have the pleasure (or punishment) to ask me about it you’ll hear the passion in my voice, the trick is getting me to stop talking 😉

Raise your hand if you have any difficulties falling or staying asleep. Now put your hand down you look silly reading a newsletter with one hand in the air and your body needs all the energy it can get with all that lack of sleep. All joking aside, a lack of quality sleep can have major impacts on almost every aspect of your life. Mood swings, feeling tired all day, energy depletes faster, lack of emotional control, it is much harder for your body to recover and it’s easier for your body to get sick just to name a few. Plus, how good does it feel to wake up feeling rested and ready for the new day you just started? Apparently, many people would agree with me as the global sleep aids market was $71.63 BILLION USD in the year 2022 and that figure is looking to increase annually!! With a good chunk of this market saturated with over-the-counter drugs and natural products (looking at you Melatonin), your body builds up a tolerance to them over time.  It becomes harder to get the proper amount or REM sleep your body needs. Whether you’ve had an injury of some sort, a diagnosis or disease that keeps you up or just too much coffee (I can personally attest to that last part) the REM Super Patches are proven to help you fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep. I even like to leave my REM patch on throughout the day now that I’ve started intermittent fasting again (my caffeine intake being higher than usual) then I get another incredible sleep the second night. I was quite the skeptic myself hearing that a small piece of plastic with no drugs or substance of any kind is going to help me sleep but I was pretty run down and figured I might as well give it a chance. I put a video on my phone while I got ready for bed and just like I normally do I finished getting ready and crawled into bed to finish the video. Unlike most other times though the next thing I remember was waking up to the credits rolling on what I had hoped was the same video so I did what anyone else would do. I wiped the drool from my mouth and set an alarm for the next day before putting my phone down for the night and got right back to sleep.

With different Super Patches for different desired effects there’s definitely something for everyone. Just remember that these Super Patches won’t give you super powers, but they can help you feel like yourself again, which to some people can feel pretty Super.

Every Super Patch is:

  • Drug Free 
  • Age Safe  
  • Non-Invasive 
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Pregnancy Safe 
  • Non-Addictive 
  • Easy to Use
  • Made of Medical Grade Polyethylene and Adhesives

While these Patches are rather Super, just remember we’re not giving you Super Powers, just the Ability to Feel more like… YOU! Which to some people can feel pretty super.

Every Super Patch is shown to put your body in Homeostasis

Homeostasis is an organism’s process of maintaining a stable internal environment suitable for sustaining life. We normally think about homeostasis in terms of the whole body, but individual systems – that is, groups of organs – also maintain homeostatic conditions. Nonetheless, prolonged imbalance in just one system can negatively impact the homeostasis of the entire organism.

Here is a run-down of the whole line of patches, and yes we do carry each of these in our regulary stock. Or read until the end of the article for a quick link to buy online!

voxx superpatch rem sleep boyds alternative health REM

  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Help you Fall Asleep
  • Shown to Slightly Lower Resting Heart Rate

Healthy sleep assists in rejuvenation of the mind and body and is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. REM Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may support a balanced sleep cycle -making it easier for the body to maintain overall health.



voxx superpatch focus study boyds alternative health


  • Increase Mental Focus
  • Lessen Distractions
  • Helps You Keep Attention
  • Great For School/Class or Work

Focus is the key to playing, learning, and creating. Distractions, and challenges focusing, can take the fun and performance out of what we want to do in school or elsewhere, allowing users to naturally experience improved focus and clarity.



voxx superpatch freedom pain boyds alternative health Freedom

  • Helps Aid Pain Management
  • Greater Mobility and Energy while Injured

Pain management is a key factor of an enjoyable lifestyle. Less pain leads to greater mobility and energy. Freedom Patch provides on the go relief from minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with exercise, chores and daily activities.



voxx superpatch victory athletic performance boyds alternative healthVictory

  • Increase Athletic Output
  • Shown to Increase Strength, Balance, Power, Agility
  • Best for Anyone Looking to get More Out of Their Game

Strength, power, balance, agility, and recovery are the pillars for the highest levels of athletic performance. Get it all with the Victory Patch. Victory Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may improve general wellness by enhancing the user’s flow of energy, sense of balance, stamina, flexibility, and strength -making it easier for the body to maintain overall health and performance at the highest level.



voxx superpatch flow pay attention boyds alternative health Flow

  • Help you Feel “In the Zone”
  • Greater Enjoyment, Energy, Clarity, Attention, and Calmness

If you have ever felt completely absorbed in something, you might have been experiencing flow. Achieving flow can help people feel greater enjoyment, energy, and involvement in what they are doing. The Flow Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may improve general wellness through vibrotactile stimulation allowing users to naturally experience improved attention, clarity, and calmness.



voxx superpatch peace sleep boyds alternative healthPeace


  • Helps Deal with Stress
  • Great Relief for Anxiety
  • Worn Everyday by Brock

Stress is one of the greatest enemies to our quality of life. Dealing with it has never been easier. The Peace Patch may improve general wellness through vibrotactile stimulation allowing users to naturally experience improved clarity and calmness.



voxx superpatch defend immune boyds alternative healthDefend

  • Helps Build a Resilient Immune System
  • Perfect for Allergies and Harvesting Season

A healthy immune system is a key factor of overall health. Defend Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may support immunity through vibrotactile stimulation -making it easier to maintain overall health.



voxx superpatch liberty move boyds alternative healthLiberty

  • Improved Balance, Strength, and Mobility
  • Recommended patch for beginners

Improving how we move and change direction are cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle and daily activity. Whether going up or down stairs, walking, running, working, or playing, Liberty Patch is a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may assist in better balance and stability -key components to maintaining a healthy wellbeing.


Chances are, after reading through all of these, one or more stood out to you! If you have any questions at all you can call 403-947-2389 or email reception@boydsinc.ca and ask our team about how the Voxx Super Patches can help you feel more like YOU! For a quick link to shop online you can visit Brock’s Voxx site here: Brocksoxx.Voxxlife.com

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