Tips for Combating a Sore Throat

Good nutrition and healthy food choices are our #1 best defense for long term health.  The throat becomes sore because of an inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the throat, often caused by an infection.  An infection is more likely to develop when the body is susceptible and resistance is low, due to chills from wet hair or skin, overwork or lack of sleep.  Chronic sore throats may be due to a low immune system, allergies or chronic irritations.  Infections leading to a sore throat could be due to a deficiency in Vitamin C and the B-Complex vitamins.  Eat plenty of fruits, especially citrus fruits, fresh and raw or steamed vegetables.  Make sure to include yellow vegetables for vitamin A, which is important for forming antioxidants and clearing up an infection.

If you are looking for the best products to have on hand to combat colds and the flu, you can find a list below for preventative options and suggestions for help if you already have an infection.


~ Bio 93 – Immune Fortifier (can be taken long term)

~ Deep Immune – Used when you have been around sick people or if you feel something coming on

~ Medi C Plus – This product also contains L-Lysine which is a great virus fighter!

~ Vitamin B-Complex – the B vitamins help our nervous system to handle emotional stress.  If we can lessen the impact stress has on our body, then logically we have a stronger immune system. 

Infection Fighters:

~ **NEW**- Winter Syrup!!  Relieves sore throat and other mouth and throat infections.  No preservatives, no dyes, no petrochemicals, no PEG.  Every household needs this in their medicine cabinet this winter! 

~ **NEW** Respiratory Balm – Provides warming and soothing vapours that help to temporarily relieve mild nasal congestion and cough associated with the common cold.  Recognized for maintaining the immune system and normal respiratory health.    

~ R-8 Jut-U-Sin – A good old standby, best ever cough syrup! 

~ AL-J – Used for sinus, chest and throat infection as well as allergies (comes in tablets and liquid)

~ Vinceel – who doesn’t LOVE Vinceel!?  Immediate relief for sore, dry or inflamed throat.

~ Echinacea/Golden Seal – every home with small children should have this on hand.  At the first sign of a runny nose and/or fever this liquid infection fighter is your answer! 

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