Spring Blossom

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Jackie’s Homemade’s – Spring Blossom

Purchase as a bundle or individual products. Jackie’s proprietary formula designed to enhance feelings of renewal and to breathe new life into us.


Jackie’s Homemade’s

Spring Blossom – carefully designed to bring up feelings of renewal and breathe new life into us with floral tones of Clary sage, Geranium and Ylang-Ylang as well as a touch of rosemary for memory.

The smell of Greenhouses was the inspiration for Jackie’s Spring scent. You know; fresh dirt, young blossoming plants and flowers, fresh air, water and sunshine bringing life to not just the plants but ourselves too. Although this has a slight floral scent, Jackie was careful to ensure that it would still be masculine enough for the big burly men in our lives to use as well.

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Weight 0.736 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 10.5 × 20.5 cm

250ml Lotion, 300ml Hand Soap, 60ml Room Spray, Bundle

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