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R11 – Gout


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Rheumatism, gout

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Rheumatism, gout


Acute or chronic myalgia; growing pains in muscles and bones; sprains, strains, and the effects of over-use. Back pain of undetermined origin, lumbago; spondylosis; spondylarthritis; sacroiliac arthritis; sacral pain; osteochondritis; degenerative disc lesions; vertebral osteoarthritis; osteoarthritis. Rheumatic predisposition; chronic, deforming articular rheumatism; chronic rheumatic aches (of muscles, articulations, ligaments) aggravated by a change of temperature or by humidity. Sciatica aggravated by dampness or a sudden change in temperature.

Mode of action

Berberis vulgaris: Low back pain and sciatica with sudden, sharp pains radiating downward into the posterior thigh. Arthritis and gout with tearing, stitching pains that radiate. Acidic urine, with urinary sediment.

Calcium phosphoricum: Weakness of the cervical spine and associated muscles, deformed bones. Acts on the constitutions predisposed to rheumatism; rheumatic and arthritic conditions, aggravated by cold application and drafts.

Causticum Hahnemanni: Rheumatic and gouty inflammations, with stiffness of the joints; painful rigidity of the musculature of the neck and dorsal region; pains in the sacral region; neuralgic pains; painful, rigid, distorted, and weak articulations.

Dulcamara: Neuralgic rheumatism of the limbs and articulations causing weakness and rigidity; shivering in the sacral region. Pains are aggravated by a change of weather and in cold, damp weather. Relief is obtained by warm applications. Rheumatic-gouty constitution that have a tendency to develop from sitting on cold surfaces.

Nux vomica: Back pain worse at night, worse turning in bed, must rise to turn, worse sitting upright; rheumatism of the dorsal muscles following chills, aggravated by cold, and worse in the morning. Irritable and impatient.

Rhododendron: Rheumatism, especially of the small joints. Aggravation of symptoms before storms or from barometric changes; pain is better with motion, and by the application of heat.

Rhus toxicodendron: General aggravation of symptoms from becoming wet and before cold, damp weather. Symptoms are aggravated by rest and immobility. Better by motion and by the application of heat; rheumatic and neuralgic complaints. Nocturnal agitation.

DIN-HM: 80002562

Additional information

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Medicinal ingredients

Berberis vulgaris D4 1 g, Calcium phosphoricum D12 1 g, Causticum Hahnemanni D6 1 g, Dulcamara D4 1 g, Nux vomica D4 1 g, Rhododendron D4 1 g, Rhus toxicodendron D4 1 g.

Non-medicinal ingredients: ethanol, purified water.

Suggested Use


Drops: Adults and children 12 years and older 10-15 drops 1-3 times daily; acute cases: 10-15 drops every 30-60 minutes (up to 12 times per day) or until improvement of symptoms, in a little water or undiluted, or as

directed by a health care practitioner.


Do not use if hypersensitive to poison sumac.

Known adverse reactions

In very rare cases, gastrointestinal complaints or skin reactions may occur after use, in which case the product should be discontinued.

Remedies to be considered

  • Acute rheumatic polyarthritis: R1 and R6, BC-19
  • Acute rheumatism of the joints: R1 and R11, BC-19, R61, R30
  • Osteoporosis: R34 additionally
  • Rheumatism of shoulders, arms, and hands: R46, BC-19
  • Sacral back pains in women resulting from pelvic conditions: R50
  • Intercostal neuralgia: R69 additionally
  • Intervertebral discs affections, causing sciatica: R71, BC-19 additionally
  • Osteoarthritis: R73 additionally, BC-19

Clinical experience

Typically considered a chronic formula.

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