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Dry nebulization principle – Nobilé is a silent and easy-to-use essential oil diffuser

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Dry nebulization principle

Nobilé is a silent and easy-to-use essential oil diffuser

The Pranarom Nobilé dry diffuser is a traditional diffuser of essential oils with an elegant design

It operates on main power and diffuses pure essential oils (without water) as micro-particles without heating them. This discrete and elegant device allows you to aromatize the air in living areas between 10-100 m2. The intensity can be adjusted using the power unit in order to create a soft, beneficial atmosphere and/or a cleaner environment according to your needs. To cleanse the air and ease breathing, aromatherapists turn to Eucalyptus, Pine and Spruce essential oils as well as Ravintsara or Mandravasarotra. To provide calmness and relaxation, Lavender, Petit grain, Sweet orange and Mandarin essential oils are recommended.

Pranarom Essential Oils Diffuser Nobilé is a simple diffuser to use. It can be plugged and it diffuses the pure essential oils, without water, under the shape of micro-particles, without heating them. This discreet and smart device allows to scent the air of rooms from 10 to 100 m². Its intensity can be changed thanks to power changer in order to create a sweet, peaceful ambient, and breathing a cleared up air according to your needs.

This device is suitable for use in any living space, conference rooms, locker rooms, hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, spas, etc…

Aromatherapy advice for making the most of your Nobilé:

  • 10 to 20 drops of essential oils are sufficient for each diffusion session.
  • Always use high-quality chemotyped essential oils (CTEO) and find out about the diffusion blends by Pranarom, the specialist in scientific aromatherapy.


  • Device made from sustainable rubber-tree wood and hand-blown glass
  • LED mood lighting
  • Functioning duration: 2 hours ? 2 min “ON” / 1 min “OFF”
  • Dimensions: 90 x 230 mm H
  • Please read carefully and thoroughly the assembly procedure and the instructions for use, provided with the diffuser.

Colour: Glass and wood

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Dimensions 20 × 18.5 × 10.5 cm
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