This gemmotherapy complex helps to restores mental, and physical, energy and balance.


Energy complex

Key notes

This gemmotherapy complex helps to restores mental, and physical, energy and balance. The tonic is excellent for those who are under chronic stress which leads to mental and emotional turmoil, eventually leading to physical fatigue. It can be used both as a restorative and as a preventative, in the anticipation of a stressful time.

On the physical level, ENE-GEM helps to reduce fatigue and muscular tensions. On the emotional level, ENE-GEM soothes anxiety while promoting letting go and joy of life. On the mental level, ENE-GEM reduces mental turmoil and improves concentration.

Synergistic action

– Pinus sylvestris (Scotch pine buds): is well known for promoting strength (oseous and joint) and reactivating the immune system. It also has a powerful tonic action at the psychic and mental levels, as it is also an anxiolytic. It helps to restore the body from fatigue and stress related nervous exhaustion. It is known in Chinese energetics to support the kidneys and shelter the Zhi (will), thus balancing the element of water.

– Sorbus aucuparia subsp. aucuparia (European mountain ash buds): is reputed to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, they help to revive a sluggish system. It is rich in nutrient that are energizing, thus in nature, it is called “the tree of birds”, as they like to eat the energizing berries. It is a plant that is equated as being at the service of others (Service tree) without being overwhelmed. It is known in Chinese energetics to support the liver (reduce anger and irritation) and shelter the Houn (motivation and ambition) thus balancing the element of wood.

– Crataegus laevigata (Hawthorn buds): the hawthorn bud is well renowned for its regulatory affect on the cardiovascular system. It regulates tension, reduces anxiety, and has a calming effect, both physically and emotionally. It brings back the sensations towards the heart, thus moving away from the mind and shelters the Shen (seat of sensitivity and emotions). It is known in Chinese energetics for its action on the meridian of the heart: it promotes “the joy of life”, confidence, positive feelings thus balancing the element of fire.

– Betula pendula (Birch buds) and Betula pubescens (Birch buds): in Chinese energetics, it is connected to the spleen/pancreas meridian on which it has a stimulating action. It shelters the Yi linked to the intellect and favours anchoring. Particularly recommended for inflamed grounds, it helps to restore the acid-base balance, detoxifies, reduces the feeling of exhaustion and mental confusion while improving concentration. Element: earth.

– Lavandula officinalis (Lavender floral extract): is often used for anxiety as it is well known for its calming and relaxing action. Lavender clears negative and destructive thoughts that add to one’s stress and depression.

– Valeriana officinalis (Valeriana off. root extract): well known for its\ sedative, antispasmodic and anxiolytic action, Valerian reduces hyperexcitability as well as emotional and mental instability.

– Vanilla planifolia (vanilla extract): it’s comforting virtues have been enjoyed for centuries, as it helps to create a gentle protective bubble that keeps dark thoughts away. In Chinese energetics, it helps to restore the mind/body connection to provide emotional balance from repeated stressors.


– Physical and psychological exhaustion (chronic fatigue, chronic stress)

– Cognitive impairment (memory problems, concentration)

– Loss of emotional control (irritability, hypersensitivity)

– Depressive symptoms (low mood, guilt)

– Helps reduce the incidence of osteoporosis and improves heart function

NPN: 80097746

Additional information

Weight 0.128 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10.5 cm


Ingredients | Each drop contains

Pinus sylvestris* (Scotch Pine) (Buds) (1:20)……………………………..0.025 ml

Sorbus aucuparia* (European Mountain Ash) (Buds) (1:20) ……..0.0125 ml

Crataegus laevigata* (Hawthorn) (Buds) (1:20)………………………0.0075 ml

Betula pendula* (Birch) (Buds) (1:20)………………………………………0.002 ml

Betula pubescens (Birch) (Buds) (1:20)…………………………………….0.002 ml

Non-medicinal ingredients: glycerin (vegetal), alcohol* 35%, purified water, vanilla extract*, lavender flower extract*, valeriana officinalis root extract. * Organic certification by Certisys-BE1

Suggested Use

Recommendations for use

– Adults > 18 years take 5 drops 3 times daily, pure or diluted in water or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Precautions for use

Do not use if safety seal is broken.

Keep out of reach of small children.

Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

Ask a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Pregnant women should avoid taking bud extracts with hormonal action like Quercus robur (Oak), Rubus idaeus (Raspberry), Sequoia gigantea (Giant redwood), Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Cowberry).

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