Real Change for Real Results

The #1 broken resolution is for weight loss and getting in shape. Let’s use some logic here, if you did lose weight last year, great so long as it was done in a healthy way, repeat the behaviour that worked for you! If you are like many and didn’t shed those pesky pounds let’s take a look at why. Like most people, you most likely chose not to make any real changes in your life or lifestyle that benefit your health. In our world  today the most common bad habit of health is not moving our bodies daily and poor food choices! People sit at their desks or drive in their vehicles so our bodies become stagnant. This is how and why cellulite develops in our bodies…you know, that cottage cheese look that fat turns into under our skin.

So, if you plan on reducing your body fat and increasing your health factors there are a few things that will be necessary.

  1. A decision to love your body the way it is right now. You will not make health changes to something you hate.
  2. A decision to move your body for at least 20 minutes a day.
  3. Drink enough water. A great formula is: Your weight in pounds divided by 2 equals how many ounces daily. Example: 200lbs/2=100ounces…12.5 glasses of water a day.
  4. Begin with an internal cellular drainage and a great Bowel Cleanse!
  5. Eat more vegetables! ½ your plate needs to be vegetables.
  6. Take an interest in cooking new recipes. Make new food interesting again.

I struggle with change but change can be really good if we just give it a chance.

After some investigating of our entire product line as well as consulting with my mentors, the following protocol is one of the best kick starts to a healthier and lighter you for 2017! This is just a very plain simple Post-Christmas New Year-new You Cleanse!

First 3 weeks

  • G-22 DepuraSap-2 teaspoons daily
  • Chromium-1 daily
  • Detox Kit-30 drops from each bottle (put all drops in a water bottle and sip it all day long)

Next 3 weeks

  • G-21 CelluSap-2 teaspoons daily
  • Chromium-1 daily
  • Clean start- 1 pkt pills and powder every night (2weeks worth)

Last 3 weeks

  • R-59- 15 drops before each meal 3 times daily
  • Chromium-1 daily
  • Chlorophyll-1 tablespoon daily in water.

When you start your New Year with a new clean and healthy body it will be easy to make those food changes to live a better life!

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