Living on Purpose and in the Moment

As we approach another season it reminds me of how fast time is speeding by.  How many of you feel a little panicky when you think about your age and where you are in life right now?  We often measure our lives by our financial stability and what we do for a living by the time we are a certain age, but how many of you have reached all of the financial markers you have set out for yourself as well as feeling pretty good with regard to your goals and still feel an emptiness?  I had the pleasure of having a conversation with someone who gave me some new thoughts about my life and I would like to share the old ideas with you. 

What does it mean to live on purpose and in the moment?  This is actually very difficult when put into practice in the beginning.  I still struggle with staying connected day to day.  This means when you get up in the morning allow your mind to focus on the day you were privileged enough to live in.  If you are alive today did you notice the sunrise?  Did you notice your spouse’s face when they were sleeping or appreciate that they didn’t wake you when they got up before you?  Did you appreciate your sleepy child and really listen to their morning words?  When you had that morning coffee, tea, water, breakfast, smoothie or whatever it was, did you really think about the flavor, the temperature of it?  Did you enjoy it or were you trying to eat, read the day’s headlines, drive, put your makeup on, and get dressed at the same time?  If you do daily devotions or meditation, do you actually give your entire self to the moment?  When it’s mealtime do you eat in front of the TV?  Read while eating?  Do your bookwork, homework etc. while eating?  Just try giving yourself time to eat at a table with no technology on, have a conversation with the people you share your table with.  We have become a society that does not pay any attention to what we are doing RIGHT NOW! 

When you are outside, do you look at the land around you and really take the sights in?  When was the last time you walked outside for no real purpose and thought about the smells and sounds that we take for granted every day?  Imagine if you lost your sight or hearing would you have wished for a better memory of where you lived or the lines on your partner’s face or your child or grandchild’s special features?  How long has it been since you and your spouse, child, friend, family member just sat and visited?  It’s thought that we can multitask but we really cannot.  When we eat and read for example, we are not at all conscious of how much food we ate or what it tasted like.  Same goes for spending time with people who matter to us, undivided attention is needed so we can remember the moments of time we share. 

You see, what I was reminded of is how busy we can make our lives and how quickly time speeds by when we are just getting through days instead of savoring our moments.  It takes living on purpose to live in the moment.  I am guilty too, of taking on too much so that I miss out on moments of life that I can truly recall, because I was thinking of next week or my next job I need to cross off my list when I was in my moment of life today.  It’s so easy to keep pushing through without stopping and forcing all other thoughts aside to enjoy what is right here right now.  I will say this, when I allow myself the gift of today, I am always more calm and happy.  I challenge everyone reading this to find something you do daily that could be done all by itself so you can enjoy it and try even that one thing for a week to see how much more aware of your life you can become.  When you take time with people turn your phone sound off, don’t look at your screens, eat a meal together with conversation, and enjoy the tastes, smells, sounds and especially the touch and feel of another human being.  Hug people, smile at people and watch their reaction.  You may be the only nice thing that happened to them that day.  I can guarantee it they will remember that moment because it was real and in the moment.      

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