Leg Cramps

Oh my goodness I have to say that during my pregnancy I have had more leg cramps (always in the middle of the night) then I have ever had in my whole life combined before pregnancy. What an awful thing to wake up to in the middle of the night, almost every night, especially since my sleeping isn’t great these days already!

I knew that minerals were a help for this issue so I have been taking more magnesium, calcium and a few combined trace minerals but without great results (just last night I got cramps in both legs after taking these right before bed!) I have heard Jackie suggest salt countless times to other clients but for whatever reason I haven’t tried that yet myself! So a quarter teaspoon of ‘proper’ salt in a touch of water before bed and keep another dose on standby on my nightstand just in case.

‘Proper’ salt is not the white stuff we have all become accustomed to having at home. White salt has been either cooked or bleached which removes any beneficial property it may have had beforehand. It won’t really do a thing for you and can even be detrimental to your health which has stemmed the common fear of salt that society has today. Colored salt, pink and grey mixed, is the good stuff. It contains over 60 minerals that are essential to our bodies. Real Salt is a great brand that we carry here or if you have pink/ grey Himalayan at home, that will work too. Upon asking Jackie about this I found out another little tidbit that I had no idea….. These are electrolytes! Maybe some of you knew this but I sure didn’t! So all this craze of sports drinks etc. for recovery or boosts for workouts, sports or even hang overs because they contain electrolytes, is moot (in my opinion). We could just be adding ‘proper’ salt to our foods or in water and we wouldn’t be ingesting all those other negative ingredients! Maybe a water bottle with salt water and some real juice for flavor instead. How much healthier is that?! I’m looking forward to uninterrupted nights from now on (for the few weeks I have left before baby that is).

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