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When we eat something that tastes sweet, we may think that we are helping our body get energized, but it’s just an impression caused by the dopamine rush in our brain that makes us feel high. In reality, at equal calories, a food that is sweet will lead to less available energy than food that isn’t sweet (because of the stashing effect of insulin after sweet food). With every glucose spike, we are actually harming our mitochondria (the powerhouses of our cells). They can’t make energy as effectively as before. We become tired! Diets that cause glucose rollercoasters lead to higher fatigue compared to diets that flatten glucose curves.

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Time of Year for Sore Throats and Sore Ears

 As the cold air has arrived, so too is the season of infections and viruses.  Some of the most painful ear infections always seem to happen late at night or in the middle of the night.  We have a few quick help ideas to alleviate that pain to get you through till morning when more can be done:

  • use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the ear (careful not to burn the skin).
  • heat a wheat bag and apply to the ear and neck.
  • make sure the ear does not get any amount of draft in it. Use cotton ball in ear.
  • cut a warmed onion in half and place over the ear, hold to ease the pain of infection. (A cut onion set on your nightstand will weaken a cough at night as well)
  • Thieves Oil rubbed on and around the ear/throat will end an infection, usually overnight.
  • R-96 is a really great nasal spray for congestion.
  • Otiter Ear drops to relieve inflammation and irritations of the skin


Alternatives for Children’s Advil/Tylenol

We have had so many requests for this information due to the unavailability of children’s pain meds in the stores.  Listed below will be symptoms and the corresponding suggestions.  All the suggestions listed below will be safe from newborn up.

R-1 (my go to for most everything painful or infection)

BC-10 (sore throats and general infection)

R-193 (intense fever and inflammation)

Goldenseal liquid or capsule (wonderful respiratory infection fighter as well as blood purifier)

BC-5  (Sinus congestion and pain reliever)

R-45  (upper respiratory/sore throat/feels like razor blades in throat/cough)

R-4  Diarrhea with or without fever, green stools, dysentery

BC-6 (all things cold/cough related)

R-49 Sinus infection

G15 Sin-GEM  Sinus infection

R-9  Pectoral Affections (upper respiratory tract, bronchitis, whooping cough, branchial asthma)

R-8  Jut-U-Sin*****BEST COUGH SYRUP EVER!!!*****

R-95  (Helps recover from all weakness/illness and exhaustion)

Lomantium  excellent upper respiratory/infection fighter

AL-J  upper respiratory and allergy help

R183 excellent helper for a very mucous filled head/chest

We also carry wonderful products for teething troubles!

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