(How) Are you taking care of yourself? Self care matters

By Brock Boyd

Seems like a pretty broad and simple question but in all seriousness this question can have an almost unlimited amount of answers. We could be eating healthy but not getting much exercise. We might be working a physically demanding job but replenishing ourselves with junk food and drinks. We might deal with stress by having a smoke or overindulging with food. We could be taking incredible care of our body, mind and soul but could be riddled with parasite/worms. Some of us might be on the third weight loss kick this year. Heck some people might not be doing anything to better themselves. Maybe someone has been taking antibiotics but has been feeling even more drained of energy than ever. Maybe someone has become so stressed or depressed that even getting out of bed has become difficult.

Self Care Matters

There are many things that can be impacting a person and almost none of these things I’ve mentioned so far have physical signs or symptoms so how is someone supposed to reach out and help? As someone who takes on way too much and rarely asks for help I’ve learned some lessons on my health journey that I try and share as often as possible.

Lesson #1- Everybody is different and there’s no one right answer.

Different strokes for different folks. Just because something works great for one person doesn’t mean it will work for everybody. For example, I love using the Super Patches and while they’re safe for anyone to use, not everybody feels the same effects I do.

Lesson #2- You never know what someone is going through.

Someone may be dealing with something life altering but they still have to show up for work and pay their bills. Just because they look “normal” doesn’t mean they are doing well. Try to keep in mind when you were having a bad day or a really terrible month and how even the little things may have rubbed you the wrong way. Someone could take their frustration out on another person that doesn’t deserve it even if they were only trying to help.

Lesson #3- Not everyone is looking for help.

This is one that I have trouble with. I have always wanted to help people and give out any advice I might have on any given topic. Except as I’ve been learning more about alternative health I’m also finding out there are tons of people that want nothing to do with alternative health. There are also people who actually don’t mind feeling awful.

Lesson #4- Humans are quick to adjust to the “new normal”.

How many times have you woken up feeling some pain and by the time you’re at work or school you’ve already adjusted to walking with a minor limp or sitting in a weird position. As humans we adjust to things much quicker than we are often aware of. This can apply to so many situations in our lives and it’s worth thinking about the next time you’re in a new scenario. This can also stop us from seeking help when there’s a more serious issue happening because we can shrug off the pain or compensate.

Lesson #5- More information is usually better.

While there is bound to be exceptions to the rule, the more information we can gather about our bodies the more it is going to help us make decisions and ultimately heal. Even something as simple as knowing what foods give us inflammation can be life altering.

This is why I love the Zyto Elite Scan we offer because not only does it show you what is impacting your body but it also recommends the best things to help that problem.

Maybe we are dealing with an issue that we kind of knew about already like drinking too much soda or not getting enough sleep, but maybe we have been feeling sick for longer than usual and have no idea what could be causing this. I am still in awe of how often a person is dealing with parasites/worms in their body and how incredible they feel after a parasite cleanse.

If you’re interested in learning what your body is trying to tell you give us a call and book a Zyto Elite Scan with Brock and see the results for yourself!

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