Get a Remote Zyto Scan from the comfort of your own home!

Remote Zyto Elite Scanning

We have Zyto hand cradles that can be shipped to the safety of your home. We include a simple set of instructions for connection and will have a live phone consultation during your scan to go over all of your health concerns.
Many of our clients have spent a lot of time and energy keeping their health up. Now we can continue helping from the safety and comfort of your own home or workplace. The only thing you require is an internet connection.

Some added advantages of a remote scanning…

  • No travel time/cost
  • A calm setting
  • Scan the entire family
  • No missed work
  • Same personal advice over the phone as you would have in the office!

What is the shipping cost?

The cost is the same as an in-office visit with the added price of $40 for shipping and returning the hand cradle. We ship using express post and include a return paid for express post. If you’re nearby, we have curbside pickup for the hand cradle at no charge. We offer a free personal delivery and same day retrieval for 5 booked scans in the same town/area (call for more information). In our Remote Training, we’ve learned of some distant families and even Hutterite Colonies, have purchased their own Hand Cradles (approx $300) so they have access to help whenever they call in. For anyone interested in continued scans this is something to consider. It only takes a few shipping fees to recoup the cost!
We will email you your copy of your results as well as mail you a color copy (upon request) and include it in the shipment of any products you care to purchase at that time.
Often we discuss the negative effects of technology, but SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, this is a pretty AWESOME way to use technology to our advantage. Watch the video below for a quick overview of the process, it’s so easy!
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