Frozen Yogurt Raspberries

If you are looking for a great after-school snack, look no further. Not only does it taste delicious, BUT you can add things like chia seeds, protein powder (chocolate flavor for a little extra fun) or anything else to the yogurt before piping it into your raspberries. This is the perfect after school snack for the kiddos unless you eat them all before they get home! You can also freeze the whole thing after you make them and it helps make your raspberries last longer, plus it is a fun, frozen treat!⁠ Who needs ice cream when you have these?

1/2 cup Greek yogurt, vanilla⁠
3/4 cup raspberries⁠
1 teaspoon poppy seeds⁠

Fill a piping bag or ziplock bag with yogurt. Freeze up to an hour, checking every 10 minutes. You want it to solidify a bit without becoming solid.⁠
Meanwhile, rinse and dry your raspberries. Once the yogurt has thickened, pipe into the raspberries.⁠
Top with poppy seeds for “sprinkles,” if desired⁠

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