Eating with the Seasons

Some of you might have heard different nutrition experts talk about eating with the seasons or eating mostly seasonal foods. There are so many reasons for this including;

  • Keeping us attuned to the Earth
  • Most economical dietary pattern
  • Fewer chemicals needed to store or ship
  • Provides us with the right type of fuel to protect us from the climate

During the summer’s hottest months, the juiciest fruits are available to help cool the body. While in the cold, winter months foods that are stored well or have a protective shell or hard skins are more available. These kinds of foods can include grains, nuts, seeds, hard squashes, tubers, and root vegetables. This could lead to gaining a few pounds to protect us from the harsh, cold winter. With the technology of the 21st century though, most foods are somewhat available year-round.

Spring is the time of purification, healing, and rejuvenation! We say it each year (in particular about Parasite Cleansing), but Spring really is the best time to cleanse! In Nature foods like, greens, and fresh fruits and vegetables are starting to become more available.

The Chlorophyll containing greens are incredible for cleansing the body. The heavier foods, mentioned above, become less relied on and sprouted seeds and beans are a helpful and nutritious addition to meals. Detoxing and cleansing does not have to just be about food and your physical health. You can also detox your environment (Spring Cleaning your home), social media (unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself), friendships, and emotions/mentality (let go of the past, free yourself from negative thoughts and habits).

Many people look at the new year as the perfect time to commit to a new health regime, but with Spring being the most creative and fertile time of the year, I believe that Spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate your health, nutrition, environment, and emotions and plant the seeds for an abundant year ahead!

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