Detoxification Should be a Lifestyle

Your foot bath will never be “perfectly clean”. The moment you take a breath, you are inhaling toxins. All kinds of things around us are toxic, whether we absorb them, inhale them, ingest them, or produce them, they enter our bodies one way or another.

Where do these toxins go once inside our bodies? Some get neutralized and eliminated through our body’s natural processes but, most get stored as we are too toxic for our bodies to handle naturally. These extra toxins get stored in fat cells and forgotten about. The body will rarely get around to neutralizing these extra toxins as there is just too much new intake on a daily basis. Most of the time the stores just get added onto. The ionCleanse is a process that neutralizes toxins in all parts of our body, so they become safe for our system to deal with and excrete them the way we were meant to. A very small percentage of the toxins in our bodies are actually expelled in the foot bath. Most of the toxins will be excreted naturally during the 3-4 days following the foot bath as a result of the foot bath neutralizing those toxins and making them safe to be dealt with. This has allowed the body to catch up a little and quit storing toxins away.

If you have never done an Ion Cleanse with us before, now is the time to start and take advantage of our introductory price of $30 for your first cleanse. This is a fabulous time of year to be cleansing as allergy and farming season are starting and it is a good idea to get your system to optimal health before your body has to deal with the extra stress of the season.

3 Ion Cleanses for $100

10 Ion Cleanses for $300

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