Dealing With Stress

Stress… everyone deals with it at one time or another

stress boyds alternative health blog postThe way we deal (Or don’t deal) with it is another story. The last few months I have noticed a trend when doing Zyto scans. I don’t think I have scanned more than a handful of people that are not dealing with physical symptoms from stress. From Gut issues to headaches to sleeplessness to being sick all the time to body pain in one area or another. I always tell people we hold most of our stress in our gut and that is turning into physical symptoms of cramping, gas, bloating, diarrhea even vomiting. We also hold it in our shoulders which can cause neck/back pain and headaches. Stress can cause so many issues if not dealt with properly including all the above symptoms as well as physical pain. There are so many ways to help the body cope better with stress, coming in for a Zyto scan will help us determine where to start from different calming products to counseling, massage, hormone balancing, more sleep, detoxing…stress literally affects every aspect of a person’s life and every system in the body as well.

We can also determine if there is an emotion that is causing more stress on the body by doing a quick emotional scan. I have talked about this previously in a blog post Like I said we have so many products we can recommend even before a client comes in for an appointment just to help calm the mind and nervous system. I do however highly recommend doing a full health scan to make sure we can help with all the symptoms someone is dealing with for overall health.

We have a few trusted somewhat local practitioners and clinics we can refer clients to. Whether it be for counseling, life coaching or other forms of helping someone feel better (massage therapy, Chiropractic care, Acupuncture etc.) I’ll list our references below for anyone to check out if they need some extra help with feeling better after being stressed for months (or years…)

Our Resources

Bobbie Cochrane Counseling services/Life Coach, Airdrie    


Restored Wellness Counseling Services, Airdrie


Valiant Life Coaching Catherine Toews, Calgary                     

For those who are feeling “stuck” in their current life circumstances or disconnected from a sense of purpose and from others, Catherine provides perspective and guidance in the context of emotional wellness. She facilitates mindful intentionality and the power of choice, combined with an energy healing technique called The Emotion Code.  This modality identifies and releases trapped, toxic emotions that result from past negative experiences. This negative energy can be cleared, helping to free the body to heal both emotionally and physically. Her clients have experienced life changing breakthroughs in a variety of areas.


Wheatland Counselling Services, Drumheller                         


Diana Clark Life Coach, Calgary                                               

Diana Clark is a Life Coach certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and has additional training in Counseling and Spiritual Direction. NLP is an approach to changing belief patterns and behaviors set into the brain. Diana is skilled at assisting people through life transitions and trauma recovery. More information is available at and 30 minute consultations are available free of charge. Diana has always been a coach.  It’s not about what she does for a living, it’s about who she is.  She is passionate about changing lives and has a unique way of seeing the world. 


Elle Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health, Red Deer/Three Hills | 403-352-3111


Dr. Aleah Knapp TCMD Ascension Acupuncture, Beiseker | 403-333-5011


Dr. Ivan Chan Chiropractor Drumheller Chiropractic Centre



Urban Renewal, Three Hills | 403-443-1997


Wildrose Wellness (Mccarty Wellness), Linden | 587-321-0625


Simply No Knots Massage Therapy, Irricana                        


Take Flight Osteopathic Wellness | 403-556-7505

These are all clinicians we have firsthand experience with here at Boyd’s and we can attest to their professionalism and knowledge in their fields of expertise. Mental Health issues are at an all-time high, and we all need help at some time or another to get us to the other side of stressful situations and to be able to navigate anything else we may need help with. Please reach out to someone for help


Products for Stress

These are some of our most popular stress products that have been consistent best-sellers here at Boyd’s Alternative Health. Please consult one of our practitioners to ensure that these products are suitable for your needs and read the cautions on the label before taking anything.

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