CrossTape for Pain Relief

The Kumbrink-created Crosstape patch is used to stimulate selected acupuncture points, enabling an acupuncture-like treatment without the use of needles. It can be used on trigger points, acupuncture points, tense muscles, sore joints and more.

How Does CrossTape Work?

KUMBRINK CROSSTAPE ® is made of dual mixed fibres and is attached to a specially coated backing paper. When pulled off the backing paper, the CROSSTAPE ®’s are charged up electrostatically so that they are suitable for CROSSPUNCTURE ® Therapy. This means that the CROSSTAPE ® has a surplus of electrical charge once pulled off the backing paper that cannot discharge by itself. Once the CROSSTAPE ® has been charged in this manner, it is applied to the skin to stimulate the areas of pain and acupuncture points where it slowly releases its electrical charge.

How does the human body function?

Very small electrical impulses control a large number of functions and information processing in the human body. Whether muscular, fascial or neural functions or acupuncture points, the body frequently uses measurable electrical circuits and resistance. Skin, the largest human organ, equipped with a multitude of receptors and complexly connected to the inner organs and the brain, is able to forward pain and sensory information. Modern medicine is taking advantage of the skin connections and its functions, whether for diagnostics (ECG) or treatment (electro stimulation devices) purposes. The same applies to acupuncture. The exact location of the acupuncture points are found via their electrical charge.

Crosstape® patches target the Crosspuncture® Therapy

Injuries, diseases, scars and tense muscles – all of these affect the body’s electrical conduction system and result in dysfunction and pain being transmitted to the brain.

The fundamental component of the Crosspuncture Therapy is Crosstape. The water-resistant Crosstape is free of medication and active ingredients. The Crosstape patches are applied directly over points of pain, muscular trigger points and acupuncture points. Depending on the usage (such as showering, swimming, sport or work), they can stick to the skin for a period up to several days.

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Many Sizes for Many Applications

KUMBRINK-CROSSTAPE ® are available in the sizes M, L and XL. The size M is used most of the time. Size L, XL or several size M tapes can be used on larger areas of pain. When doing so, it is important to remember that CROSSTAPE ®’s are not elastic and are unable to follow the skin when it is stretched. It is therefore preferable to use several size M-CROSSTAPE ® on areas where the skin is subject to strong stretching. The larger tapes are suitable for parts of the body less subject to stretch, such as the outer surfaces of the thigh and shoulder or the shin, etc.

The best way to get a bit of everything is to purchase a Mix Pack. They are $24.23 each and give you 1 sheet of every size.

Boyd’s Alternative Health LOVES CrossTape

We often use CrossTape in conjunction with some of our other therapies. When Jackie uses the Dorn Method of adjusting, she will use CrossTape in the area she was working on to bring down any residual pain or reduce the pain from working in that area. Also, you will see Jackie and Amanda occasionally use CrossTape before and/or after a Laser Treatment for the same reasons. There are many functions of Cross Tape from easing Headaches, to help with pain from Tennis Elbow or Sports Injuries, we have even seen it used for menstrual cramps!

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