Covid-19 Response

I hope everyone is safe and healthy today.  We are still unclear as to when we will be able to open our doors to the public but we can still help you with your healthcare needs until this is over.
You can order by phone 403-947-2389 and by email
Receive product by mail any time, front door pickup or new this year, we’re offering delivery to outlying towns when we have enough orders. All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping while we are getting through Covid-19!
We’re keeping your health and safety top of mind when preparing and sending out orders. We have established a safe pickup system where your order will be placed inside a clear box with your name on it.  You simply remove the lid and take your package then secure the lid so it doesn’t blow away.  This allows each person to feel confident that no one else has touched their container and you don’t have to look through other people’s orders.  Our containers are sanitized between each product pickup.
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