Combat Allergies with Ion Cleanse

combat allergies with Ion CleanseIon Cleansing for allergy season? You bet!!

Tired of battling with allergies every Spring? Good news! You can combat allergies with Ion Cleanse by AMD. Not only is the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath essential for removal of yeast, inflammation, heavy metals, chemicals, molds and bacteria, it is a very powerful tool against allergy histamines as well! Allergy histamines are a positively charged toxin. This means that when the ion cleanse is producing negative ions, the ions are attracting/ pulling the positive histamine toxins into circulation and even out of the body like a magnet. I get asked all the time, how many cleanses does it take before my foot bath water will be clean? Unfortunately my answer is ‘Never’. Our world as we know it is just not conducive to being ‘clean’. Toxins are in and on everything, we breathe them, absorb them, eat them and make them internally. This is the main reason we talk about detoxification being a part or our regular routine. Detoxifying your body before allergy season gets into full swing is essential in helping minimize your symptoms and ensuring your body is working at its best to deal with the onslaught of histamines.

What is an Ion Cleanse?

A great way to look at Ion Cleanse detoxification; It is non-invasive, meaning most other detoxes require you to put something into your body, like supplements, which require your body to work harder in order to get the junk out. The Ion Cleanse works by enhancing your body’s natural detoxification process to give it a boost and run at its best. Our bodies were designed with a great detoxification system built right in, it only make sense to support that great system in dealing with toxin overload on its own.

Who can Ion Cleanse and, how often?

Call us to get started on managing your allergy symptoms and so much more. Ion Cleanses can be done quite frequently, up to 2-3 times per week depending if the client is under or over 50 years of age and any underlying health conditions. Ion Cleanse foot baths are also great for children 2 years old and up.


  • People with a pacemaker cannot Ion Cleanse.
  • Women pregnant or nursing cannot Ion Cleanse.
  • People on life sustaining medications or medications that regulate heart beat cannot Ion Cleanse.
  • Please talk to us about your medications and if you have had part of your colon removed before starting your cleanses as we may need to adjust cleanse time, length and frequency accordingly.

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