Coconut Oil – The Healthy Choice

Coconut oil is proven to be the best oil for cooking with. Other oils break down and produce bad for you trans fats and other toxins when heated.

Best for You Guide

Unfortunately most, if not all, products aren’t going to tell you these kinds of details right on their label. That would be too easy. Therefore I’ve compiled a quick understanding guide to help you do your research and find the best brand for you. 

  • Wet milled heat extraction is the best process for coconut oils. This process uses fresh coconut versus other processes using dried coconut. The heat makes antioxidants absorb into the oil therefor heat extracted oils have a much higher antioxidant level: 80-87% as opposed to 65-70% in cold extracted or even lower, 35-45% in standard refined oils. 
  • Liquid coconut oils are not a good choice. They are missing the star component, Lauric Acid. Lauric acid is linked with quite a few benefits:
  1. Promotes heart health
  2. Supports immune system health
  3. Immediate energy source
  4. Supports thyroid gland function

And more

  • Avoid chemically refined oils (Hexane)
  • It is not necessary to look for an organic coconut oil. There are no GMO coconuts to start with and there are very few pesticides used if at all on coconuts. They are grown on trees therefor if any are used it is not sprayed, it is put into the soil at the base of the tree. Organic certification is an expensive process, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the better oil from fresher products only because they didn’t go through the certification process.
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