Clean Virtually Everything with Vinegar!

It’s almost that time of year again…SPRING CLEANING! I know for myself in our home most of my cleaning is done with vinegar, yep just plain old white vinegar and water!

I use it for everything from cleaning windows to washing floors, as a replacement for fabric softener to freshen the bedding and towels, and even the bathroom from top to bottom I find it works better than other cleaners without the harsh chemicals.  Essential oils can be added as well like Lemon, Thieves, Purification, Lavender, Peppermint or any of your favorite oils singly or combinations.


My bathroom cleaner recipe is:

2 cups vinegar heated in microwave (you don’t need to reheat it every time you use it!!)

¼ cup blue dawn dish soap

Add these to a plastic spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Shake it up and clean away! For the shower and tub I spray the cleaner on and leave for 20 minutes (or more) and rinse off, no scrubbing required!

Cleaning the dishwasher:  Put a 2 cup glass measuring cup (or glass bowl) into the bottom rack of the dishwasher and fill it with vinegar, turn the dishwasher on to do the normal cycle you use to wash dishes and Voila! A clean dishwasher at the end of the cycle.

Cleaning the coffee maker: I run a cycle using between 6 and 12 cups of vinegar and then 2 cycles of just plain water to get rid of the vinegar taste I try and do this at least once a month.

Cleaning the microwave: 1 coffee mug of vinegar for 3 minutes and let sit for a couple minutes to let the steam do the work and just wipe it clean.

Use a ¼ vinegar-3/4 water mixture in a spray bottle to clean counter tops, fridge, garbage cans, doors, oven, windows, mirrors and anything else in the kitchen/house.

Soak orange peels in a jar filled with vinegar for 2 weeks, strain, add to a spray bottle and use it as a citrusy smelling cleaner!

Vinegar is a great disinfectant and can be used all over the house to rid it of the stale, dusty air of winter! Open the windows and let the fresh air in and clean everything with vinegar!

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