Apple Cider Vinegar Tips and Tricks

“If you expect vinegar to aid health, for goodness sake, use the Good Stuff!!!”

To Calm Nausea or Vomiting

Place a cloth wrung out of warm apple cider vinegar on the stomach.  Replace with another when it cools.


Try a paper bag hat.  Soak the bottom of the open edges of a brown paper bag in apple cider vinegar.  Put the bag on the head (like a chef’s hat) and tie it in place with a scarf.  The headache should be relieved in 45 min.

Corns and Calluses

Will fall away, overnight, if you treat them with an apple cider vinegar compress.  Simply tape ½ slice of stale bread (which has been soaked with apple cider vinegar) to the offending lump.  By morning the skin will look smooth and new.

Heavily soiled hands

Can be cleaned, while giving them a soothing treatment.  Simply scrub with cornmeal, moistened with apple cider vinegar.  Then rinse in cool water and pat dry.

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