DIY Essential Oil Flea & Tick Collar

DIY Essential Oil Flea & Tick Collar

For the last 7+ years since I started using essential oils around our house, I have made a flea/tick collar for our pooches and it works AMAZING! Knock on wood, our dogs have never had a tick on them!! This blend has been what works for us but there are others you can add as well, I sometimes add a couple of drops of lavender when we go camping to help our pup Willow feel a bit calmer, she is not a fan of anything new, so the lavender helps her relax a little.

If it is a bad mosquito year and I notice the bugs are really bothering her I make up the bug spray and use that on her when I know we will be outside more than normal. She is supposed to be a farm dog, but I would be lying if I said she spent more time outside than inside in her bed.

I have used the spray mixture on myself and the kids too. It works like a charm without the nasty chemicals from OFF. The reason I decided to switch to a more natural method is because I used to use the flea/tick drops from the store and the last time I used them they actually burnt her! It was horrible, I felt like the worst dog mom ever. The chemicals in flea and tick drops are so awful and I will never make that same mistake again!

I re-apply the oils on her collar once a month from May-October, but I always take it off when she goes swimming, so it doesn’t waste the oils. I prefer to use the Pranarom Oils we carry because they are more cost effective without foregoing purity and quality. Jackie makes her own Purification oil which is amazing, I actually prefer it over Young Living’s blend. Keep an eye out for oils on sale here!

The collar isn’t a super strong smelling one so I don’t ever worry it is going to be too overpowering of a scent for her, but you can add more or less drops as you see fit. I have also used Witch Hazel instead of the rubbing alcohol the recipe calls for  because that is what I had on hand and I didn’t notice a difference.

Amanda Rempfer

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